Monday, 30 September 2013

VMWare: unable to connect to the mks login (username/password) incorrect

This error can present while opening a console for a virtual machine.
There can be several reasons for this error, but what I have encontered the most is a DNS problem.
Check if you can ping the VMWare hosts and the Vcenter server by their name, if not add them to the DNS.

Just like that, no firewall issues or editing vmware config files.


mohammed jama said...

thank you my friend. you have saved my day!

Mital said...

Thanks very much, helped sort my issue out. I couldn't ping the hosts hence got the error via vSphere Client & Web Client.

Stumped me more as got it after vMotion of a VM from ESXi 5 to ESXi 5.5 host, to test migration before migrating Production Systems.

Zork9999 said...

Tnx, that helped me out !! Just added them in my host file :D

Anonymous said...

I have spent 9 hours with this problem, trying different solutions. The only thing helped right away is to...ready?..enable promiscuous mode in virtual switch.

Phanx Lee said...

Yes! It's a DNS problem. Thanks!